Getting started On

How does work?

On You can instantly watch unlimited movies and TV episodes over the Internet. Once you are a subscribed member, you can access & stream unlimited amount of premium content over the internet to your device. Just sign up to get started.

Can I stream iBAKATV Movies on HD?

Yes, Many iBAKATV Movies are available in HD (High Definition). The picture quality while streaming movies & TV shows may vary from computer to computer, and device to device. Picture quality may be affected by a variety of other factors such as your location, the bandwidth available through, and/or speed of your Internet connection. Streaming in HD uses more bandwidth than streaming in standard definition. Please check with your Internet provider for information on possible Internet data coverage charges, as you are responsible for all Internet access charges. You can Manage Bandwidth Usage the amount of data you use while streaming by adjusting the video quality of your instant watching experience and you can change your video quality from settings while streaming Movies.

How can I Watch iBAKATV Movies on my Television?

You can watch on your TV (SVOD) by simply connecting your PC or laptop via a HDMI cable to your television while streaming.

How can I Watch iBAKATV Movies on my Television?

You can watch on your TV (SVOD) by simply connecting your PC or laptop via a HDMI cable to your television while streaming.

How can I contact

We are available 24/7 across different channels. For full contact information please visit our Contact page or chat with any of our Customer Care Rep on Our mailing address is

How fast does the film start playing?

A. Films start playing immediately. Your broadband internet connection speed also matters.

How often do you release new content/Movies on

We release content every week & has a huge number of Premium movies and television shows for you to enjoy.

Is An Unlimited Movie Platform?

Yes, Once you have logged in your user details, You can Instantly watch free premium movies as often as you want, any time of the day. Moreover, you will only have access to Trailers & Short clips when you are not logged in.

How Can I watch iBAKATV Movies on any Computer.

Yes, simply log on to select your choice movie or television show and you can watch instantly as long as your device has an internet connection.

Can I Download Movies on the iBAKATV Website?

You will benefit a great deal by Subscribing to iBAKATV. In other words, constantly updates it platform with enormous collections of high quality movies and Cinema Films. There is no need to download, just relax and you can access every movie of your choice.

What broadband internet Speed do I require to watch Movies instantly?

The minimum internet speed required is (500 kbps) 0.5Mbps, but you might need a faster connection for improved video quality.

Can I use the service Outside Nigeria?

Yes, is available to all customers provided you are connected to the internet anywhere in the world.

Encounter Difficulties Watching Movies

  1. If you encounter difficulties watching your movies, try refreshing the page
  2. Under the movie view, select low, medium or high quality depending the one that works best with your network and system.
  3. I also suggest you use Google Chrome to stream your movies because it works best with
  4. Also clear your CACHE - To Clear Your Cache in Google Chrome:
    1. ​Click the Chrome menu tab with 3 short horizontal lines on the browser toolbar (Extreme top right corner).
    2. Select Tools
    3. Select Clear browsing data.
    4. In the dialogue that appears, select the checkboxes for the types of information that you want to remove.
    5. Use the menu at the top to select the amount of data that you want to delete.
    6. Select beginning of time to delete everything.
    7. Click Clear browsing data.

What browser is best to stream Movies on

A.  For streaming Movies via, iBAKATV Movies streams on all browsers. Though, we recommend Google Chrome browser for streaming movies. You can download google chrome here: and download Adobe Flash Player here: